Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) Twitter Overview

Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) is currently on this weekend and I set myself a task to suss out what people were thinking about the convention via twitter on the Friday and Saturday. I culled data from the hashtag #manifest and heavy filtering with ‘manifest’ and this is what I got. BASIC SUMMARY 471 tweets, includingContinue reading “Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) Twitter Overview”

An enlightening affair with Local Search Marketing

Two weeks ago, whilst being driven home from work, my friend’s tyre went flat. Unable to unscrew one of the bolts, our first instinct was to search for the nearest auto repair service . We whipped out our internet-enabled iphones, opened up Safari and typed in “auto repair North Sydney” into the Google search bar.Continue reading “An enlightening affair with Local Search Marketing”

Mana Bar announces drinks on the house for Krome layoffs

What do you do if you own a bar and know a couple of people getting laid off? Krome studios, one of Australia’s largest game development studios, let go of over 100 staff last Thursday, closing down their Adelaide office and shaving off employees in Brisbane and Melbourne. But that did not stop the ManaContinue reading “Mana Bar announces drinks on the house for Krome layoffs”

Are Australian cons ready to talk about cute Miku cosplayers on a live twitter broadcast?

Four to five years ago, Pictochat, an inbuilt chat system on the Nintendo DS where you can IM chat with other nearby people on DSs, was used during the costume play (cosplay) event of Animania, a Japanese Popular Culture event. People anonymously sent feedback and chatted amongst themselves about the entries parading and strutting theirContinue reading “Are Australian cons ready to talk about cute Miku cosplayers on a live twitter broadcast?”

notes on using facebook pages effectively (warning: boring stuff)

A facebook page could be one of many online ‘faces’ of a company (other than their website), and in our case being an online store, could be the first points of contact when customers have a problem or want to leave feedback. After a small explosion of growth on one of my company facebook pages, IContinue reading “notes on using facebook pages effectively (warning: boring stuff)”

Some Toy Sale observations

This year’s Toy Sale battle amongst the retail giants is epic. Really, really epic. And it helps that it is supported by the release of Toy Story 3 (which, in case you didn’t know, is a 90 minute advertisement for the toy industry). I’m not talking about the prices, which show absolutely beautiful finesse inContinue reading “Some Toy Sale observations”

Basic Online Social Engagement

It sucks being a small business all the time. You don’t have the tools, resources or the money to develop all these crazy ideas you want to experiment with, like the super hybrid thing you wanted to do involving every single social media application out there. Heck, I’m still trying to emulate Toys R Us’Continue reading “Basic Online Social Engagement”

Social Media: A Simple Analogy

This is an attempt for me to better understand the concept of social media and try to explain it in simple terms. A lot of businesses are misinterpreting the concept of social media. Rather than seeing it as a platform to interact/ socialise, they see it more as a medium to propagate self-serving news. InContinue reading “Social Media: A Simple Analogy”