Mana Bar announces drinks on the house for Krome layoffs

What do you do if you own a bar and know a couple of people getting laid off?

Krome studios, one of Australia’s largest game development studios, let go of over 100 staff last Thursday, closing down their Adelaide office and shaving off employees in Brisbane and Melbourne. But that did not stop the Mana Bar, a gaming-themed bar in Brisbane, from offering their condolences by posting on facebook that they would be offering drinks on the house for those that got laid off.

A total of 160 reactions (112 likes and 48 comments) was noted for the single status post for a facebook page sporting a bit under 15,000 fans, with nothing but positive sentiments.

Sometimes you don’t need a beautiful manly man on a horse (ok, I take it back, we do need a beautiful manly man endorsing a body wash),  give away over a hundred of copies of Microsoft Office or scare the beejesus out of everyone on chatroulette to get your idea across.

All it takes is a genuine act of kindness and shout your fellow fallen man a drink.

Kudos to the Mana Bar, and keep your chin held high ex-Krome bros!

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