SMASH! Twitter Overview

Kind of almost like a follow-up to my Manifest twitter overview, really want to share some topline numbers on how people tweeted during SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show). Only “SMASHCON” was used in this hull (god knows how many people actually used “SMASH” in their tweets, but will be lost in all mentions ofContinue reading “SMASH! Twitter Overview”

Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) Twitter Overview

Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) is currently on this weekend and I set myself a task to suss out what people were thinking about the convention via twitter on the Friday and Saturday. I culled data from the hashtag #manifest and heavy filtering with ‘manifest’ and this is what I got. BASIC SUMMARY 471 tweets, includingContinue reading “Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) Twitter Overview”