SMASH! Twitter Overview

Kind of almost like a follow-up to my Manifest twitter overview, really want to share some topline numbers on how people tweeted during SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show). Only “SMASHCON” was used in this hull (god knows how many people actually used “SMASH” in their tweets, but will be lost in all mentions of “smash”, as a general term, on the internet) and I only looked at Friday, Saturday and a bit of Sunday.

I think it’s safe to say that cosplay and the Eminence concert were some of the key favourite topics mentioned during the weekend.

Attendees love to give immediate feedback after the end of an event (6-11pm spikes in Twitter activity); most likely either having internet access when they are home or simply have some time winding down post-event. There was also a bit of activity around lunchtime as well (break period for people to catch up on their devices).

Top 10 influencers during the weekend; shouldn’t come as a surprise that SMASH’s official twitter came first, local media outlets and bloggers and Little Kuriboh’s twitter account.

Top 10 active Tweeters by number of tweets made using “smashcon”. It would be unfair to crown SMASHCON, so the title belongs to Jericho_au.

To wrap up, some base numbers:

Tweets: 539
Accounts: 137
Estimated Reach: 62,520

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