Australia’s Public Health System

There is a lot of media attention surrounding Australia’s deteriorating public health system. Stories like this appear in the papers regularly. No cause has really struck a chord with me as much as this one. Besides fighting homophobia, because I’m tired of people treating gay people like they have a disease. If they did, theyContinue reading “Australia’s Public Health System”

Notes: 26/3 – 8/4

I went on a 12-day business adventure in Melbourne and Brisbane, covering mainly Pinin’s convention campaigns and understanding tokidoki a bit better as part of my potential agency work. Just some notes: A great start to seeing potential in volunteers and staff for sales roles is how they say hi back to you and givingContinue reading “Notes: 26/3 – 8/4”

Is this the best time for small companies to recruit?

Well, the economy wasn’t as strong as it used to be. This means that companies are cutting back on staff, which means that more people, especially young and less-experienced ones, may miss out on getting jobs. Does this mean this is the best time for small companies to recruit? That there are more bright mindsContinue reading “Is this the best time for small companies to recruit?”