Is this the best time for small companies to recruit?

Well, the economy wasn’t as strong as it used to be. This means that companies are cutting back on staff, which means that more people, especially young and less-experienced ones, may miss out on getting jobs.

Does this mean this is the best time for small companies to recruit? That there are more bright minds out there in the job market then there either will be, who may be willing to work for less to seek potential opportunities within growing companies?

I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the possible prospects if the strengths of all the bright minds in my industry got together, it can create something pretty phenomenal in Australia. Now I feel slightly uneasy as this thinking may be an insult to the founding fathers of capitalism.

One of the largest things holding back one of my projects is the inability to recruit, attract or keep excellent staff. My business colleagues are suffering the same problems as well , and I think it’s one of those things that all businesses need to take into account. It also doesn’t help that the market in which my company caters for does not attract the brightest of young people (and if they are bright, they move on very, very quickly). It is rather frustrating. It makes me wonder if I should join them and move onto something else.

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