Notes: 26/3 – 8/4

I went on a 12-day business adventure in Melbourne and Brisbane, covering mainly Pinin’s convention campaigns and understanding tokidoki a bit better as part of my potential agency work.

Just some notes:

  • A great start to seeing potential in volunteers and staff for sales roles is how they say hi back to you and giving them a quick sum to do. For example, I asked a girl is she could add seven and five. Her answer was thirteen. Therefore, she was not considered.
  • Don’t use young kids.  Because that screams child labour. Don’t use old asian men either. Because that screams creepy paedophile.
  • Attention to detail can be the difference in making budget,  such as more appropriate merchandising, signages and staff training.
  • Salesmanship is a craft; dare I say, an art form.
  • Buff aussie men + cat ears = good!
  • Being an equal-opportunity employer who employs all races is a good feeling.
  • Setting a goal to meet one new person each time you are out is crucial. Always bring a smile, a business card and nothing else.

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