Bill Murray be chill y’all

A few weeks ago I tweeted about a chillwave band (I’m still uncomfortable with using this term, but since it’s the only term most people can relate to to describe the genre of music…) under the alias, Chill Murray. I heard about them on triple j when they were talking about their SXSW experience, butContinue reading “Bill Murray be chill y’all”

Mathemagic… magic indeed!

Canadian-based Mathemagic are Evan and Dylan Euteneier. Their sounds encompass heartachingly moody dreampop/ chillwave (really wanted to avoid that word, but they’ve bundled themselves with Neon Indian and Washed Out) and that sudden realisation that you miss your childhood innocence. They sound extremely promising for a very young group (currently only have 3 tracks featuredContinue reading “Mathemagic… magic indeed!”

Deadbeat summer tunes from Neon Indian

I know nothing about Neon Indian other then the fact their/ his sound is a mix of 80s synth pop, video game soundtracks and a tune that provokes a desire to take a really really long roadtrip. I don’t know about you, but these tunes beg for me to call my friends out for goodContinue reading “Deadbeat summer tunes from Neon Indian”

Washed Out – Anyone fancying a bit of lusicious dreampop?

Where the fuck did he come from? I mean, WOW. This is excellent stuff if you’re into the whole synth/ dreamwavepop/ chillwave/ dare-I-saw-shoegaze thing. Think Slowdive’s Pygmalion Era Demos but more friendly with our contemporary standards. [audio: Washed Out – You’ll See It [audio: Washed Out – Feel It All Around [audio: Washed OutContinue reading “Washed Out – Anyone fancying a bit of lusicious dreampop?”