Bill Murray be chill y’all

A few weeks ago I tweeted about a chillwave band (I’m still uncomfortable with using this term, but since it’s the only term most people can relate to to describe the genre of music…) under the alias, Chill Murray. I heard about them on triple j when they were talking about their SXSW experience, but hipsterrunnoff has it covered pretty well.

One thing I’m pretty confused about is this: if they are so chill, how come their music is not available? I want to purchase/download it onto my mp3 player and share it with my friends and all, but alas, it’s not publicly available other than through a stream through the myspace or muxtape. It is not chill to load a page everytime I want to listen to cool stuff.

And it is pretty clever of them to ride off Bill Murray’s awesome branding, because he is the godfather of hipsters. ESPECIALLY with all the little flowers on his beard. Maybe we can expect guys to start wearing flowers in their beards.

The movie which revived Bill Murray’s movie career, made Scarlett Johanssen’s and gave shoegazer music a new brand and visual representation.

Bill ‘Groundhog day, Ghostbusting ass’ Murray!

Anyway, irregardless, because “I’m so chill”, I’m going to send them some love their way. Also because I have a man-crush on Bill Murray.


N.B. Talking  like altbroz and all is a serious craft. I can’t keep up.

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