Neon Indian – Fallout & Heart Previews

Haven’t been this excited about an album release in a while 🙂 I hope the richness of the latest preview of “Fallout” from Neon Indian’s upcoming September album Era Extraña speaks for the entire album when it comes out in September. Would it be wrong of me to say it sounds like it has a “myContinue reading “Neon Indian – Fallout & Heart Previews”

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Neon Indian remix)

Been digging this remix for ages. Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)[audio: Another Likely Story (Original)[audio:

Deadbeat summer tunes from Neon Indian

I know nothing about Neon Indian other then the fact their/ his sound is a mix of 80s synth pop, video game soundtracks and a tune that provokes a desire to take a really really long roadtrip. I don’t know about you, but these tunes beg for me to call my friends out for goodContinue reading “Deadbeat summer tunes from Neon Indian”