Art and Copy

So me and my lovely friend went to see a movie as part of the Sydney Film Festival today, and watched a film about the advertising industry. The movie was part history lesson, on how the industry got to where it is today, part social analysis of the profound effect of advertising on modern culture, and part personal stories of how the most influential creative forces behind the ads and changed the way we live.

There were some pretty awesome vintage ads shown in the movie:

One point that was discussed in the movie particularly resonated with me. This advertisement was shown:

The ad was revolutionary at the time it was made because up to that point, all ads were made to sell a product based on design or functionality. This ad barely mentions the product. It instead tells a story with a particular kind of humour. Budweisser is then no longer a beer, it becomes badge for all those who subscribe to this kind of  humour.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good film, not only was it insightful, funny, immensely charming, it was also the perfect advertisement for the industry. I left the cinema with the unyielding urge to sell something.

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