Gold Panda You

Heard this on the radio and couldn’t resist doing a quick write-up. Hailing from Chelmsford, UK and currently hanging around London. Has done remixes for a few big names and is now releasing some of his own stuff. There is something particularly hypnotic yet simple about ‘You‘. Soundcloud Official Website (in good ‘ol fashion HTML)Continue reading “Gold Panda You”

A Strangely Isolated Place – Ulrich Schnauss

His music is filled with influences from everything I’ve ever admired (shoegazer + downtempo electro + samplings). A Letter from Home really transports you into another world and On My Own feels like a cool alien invasion adventure. Like… the aliens didn’t turn out to be that bad and they have their culture to shareContinue reading “A Strangely Isolated Place – Ulrich Schnauss”

F*ck Buttons

Heard these fellas on the radio, found ’em pretty neat and thought I’d write something up. If you’re fancying harder, more raw electro, then this might be your cup of tea. Fuck Buttons is a two-piece experimental group formed in Bristol, England in early 2004 by Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power. Fuck Buttons –Continue reading “F*ck Buttons”