Board of Canada’s ‘Mickey’ hidden track

Boards of Canada sampled the beginning chorus of the famous ‘Oh Mickey’ song by Toni Basil and distorted it into their own electro version. It came as a hidden track after the actual 60-90 seconds of ‘Iraq says’: [audio:|titles=18 – Iraq Says] Boards of Canada – Iraq Says

Boards of Canada – Stry Craty Bya

Boards of Canada – Stry Craty Bya [audio: From their 1989 Acid Memories EP. If there is one argument for the freefall distribution of music over the interwebs, it would be that we would never get the chance to hear BoC’s earlier works. Apparently it was only ever distributed to friends and relatives on aContinue reading “Boards of Canada – Stry Craty Bya”