Chris Cunningham @ Opera House x Vivid Live Sydney

Just came back from the Chris Cunningham show at the Opera House as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival; in short it was a great way to spend a Sunday evening. He opened with his audiovisual mix of Gil Scott-Heron’s New York is Killing Me (as above) which, after seeing it in the Opera House, has become oneContinue reading “Chris Cunningham @ Opera House x Vivid Live Sydney”

Spotless – short by Jessica Nilsson

Directed by Swedish director Jessica Nilsson, caught this one at Flickerfest two years ago at a best-of compilation screening.  It’s pretty morbid, but everything about the pace, the music, the vintage film filter and the fact that it made very little sense made this a crowd favourite. Towards the end there is a cat on aContinue reading “Spotless – short by Jessica Nilsson”

French Kissing is Gross (from Freaks & Geeks)

I’m glad Freaks & Geeks never got renewed for another season. There was no way in hell they could create a second season that would’ve topped the first one. I love how it was left on such a high and promising note, and just left it there. Just made each and every episode available so…Continue reading “French Kissing is Gross (from Freaks & Geeks)”

Plasmo – a 5min clay animation where an adorable alien sacrifices himself to save a planet and declares his undying love for his gf. Epic.

How can so much drama, selflessness, a beautiful soundtrack, poignancy and a silly bit of humour be packed into a 4 minutes and 37 seconds clay animation? Plasmo, a little alien, risks his life by flying his spacecraft into an oncoming comet to deflect it. In doing so, the core of a certain planet getsContinue reading “Plasmo – a 5min clay animation where an adorable alien sacrifices himself to save a planet and declares his undying love for his gf. Epic.”

Watch Exit Through the Gift Shop.

This is the type of movie where you will feel like a bit of a jerk for downloading because it is pretty genius. And you should pay for good things. I was going to write up some review, talk about some of the ideas, appreciate some of the artists, love the characters, etc. But itContinue reading “Watch Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

Art and Copy

So me and my lovely friend went to see a movie as part of the Sydney Film Festival today, and watched a film about the advertising industry. The movie was part history lesson, on how the industry got to where it is today, part social analysis of the profound effect of advertising on modern culture,Continue reading “Art and Copy”