Days of Being Mild in LA: Quick Stopover & Monkeypuppetlad

Landed in the States in the morning of 8th March to be confronted by the notorious customs queue. Grilled me a bit, considering I had a June return ticket (what are you doing in the States for 3 months boy?), but got by fine eventually. Igorbro picked me up from LAX and drove me aroundContinue reading “Days of Being Mild in LA: Quick Stopover & Monkeypuppetlad”

How to look like a doofus hobo

1. Have your opinion sandwiched between Adam “Nakedbro” Ferrier and Duncan “Droga5bro” Marshall. It’s like throwing a piglet into a herd of wolves, surrounded by elephants with tusks that shoot bees out. 2. Forget to shave, shower and have a haircut on the day you need to send off your “professional” photo. Waiting for theContinue reading “How to look like a doofus hobo”