Days of Being Mild in LA: Quick Stopover & Monkeypuppetlad

Landed in the States in the morning of 8th March to be confronted by the notorious customs queue. Grilled me a bit, considering I had a June return ticket (what are you doing in the States for 3 months boy?), but got by fine eventually. Igorbro picked me up from LAX and drove me around for the day and getting some admin done i.e. sorting out my data sim for my phone. Some notes for that:

1/ Make sure your phone is unlocked; if it is locked, ask your provider to unlock beforehand or you’ll end up making awkward calls back home.

2/ Keep an eye out for wifiz and use to change your APNs.

The iPhone and data sims have an interesting relationship. I got an AT&T US$60 prepaid sim but had some problems getting it activated and couldn’t really get set up until I hit New York :/ The guys I spoke to in downtown LA didn’t quite know what to do and were gonna charge a fair bit to do something I did in 10 minutes after I found some solid wifi and Google. Lesson learnt, move on.

We later swung by Santa Monica Pier and lapped up the beautiful water views and caught up with monkeypuppetlad before I had to dart out.

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