Boards of Canada Moody Mixtape

A few friends don’t quite understand my obsession with Boards of Canada, so I’ve quickly put together a mixtape of some of my favourite Boards of Canada tracks (more on the moody side of things). This is the group that really kick-started my obsession with¬†minimal/ ambient electro, amazing layered loops, the use of samplings andContinue reading “Boards of Canada Moody Mixtape”

How to Destroy Angels – Ice Age (The Soft Moon Remix)

How to Destroy Angels – Ice age (The Soft Moon remix) [audio: I quite like the Soft Moon; kind of an unapologetic post-industrial, shoegazer sound (that is probably as far as my music tastebuds take me). When I heard on FBI they were doing a remix of a song from Trent Rezner’s projects, I thoughtContinue reading “How to Destroy Angels – Ice Age (The Soft Moon Remix)”