Hands – The Soul is Quick

The Field’s Axel Willner has just released his side project, Hands, on one of Kompakt’s smaller sub-labels, Ecstatic, for what seems to be even more left-field offerings. A far cry from his previous stuff Looping State of Mind and Cupid’s Head, Willner elaborates that it’s “a protest record for when you’ve had enough of how theContinue reading “Hands – The Soul is Quick”

Wintercoats – Everyone Seems To Be In On Something (Kyson Remix)

This has been getting a lot of plays on my sound-playing devices. Mellow echoes and nice percussions accompany me on my daily trips to the post office. [audio:http://www.plasmoandtheinfinitesadness.com/wp-content/uploads/Everyone-Seems-to-Be-in-on-Something-Kyson-Remix.mp3%5D Wintercoats – Everyone Seems to be in on Something (Kyson Remix) Source: Xlr8tr

Heathered Pearls Loyal Remixed

Heathered Pearls’ Jakub Alexander has been one of the more interesting musicians I like to follow. He recently did a collaboration with Dirty Beaches lad AlexZhangHungtaibro, is tinkering away on his Moodgadget project and of course his role with Ghostly International. Oh, and his album Loyal was pretty amazing; so it’s pretty sweet that thereContinue reading “Heathered Pearls Loyal Remixed”

Days of Being Mild in Tokyo: Neohachi’s Lovecadio Hearn & Intext’s Book

One of the little guilty pleasures I had when I was in Tokyo was hang around Tower Records and sample some of their local talent. It’s a bit challenging to scour the interwebs due to the language barrier, so it was fun doing it the old fashioned way with their listening stations in my ownContinue reading “Days of Being Mild in Tokyo: Neohachi’s Lovecadio Hearn & Intext’s Book”