Boards of Canada Moody Mixtape

A few friends don’t quite understand my obsession with Boards of Canada, so I’ve quickly put together a mixtape of some of my favourite Boards of Canada tracks (more on the moody side of things). This is the group that really kick-started my obsession with minimal/ ambient electro, amazing layered loops, the use of samplings and some kind of appreciation for noise with emotion you really can’t get elsewhere.


  1. Olson
  2. 5d
  3. Stry Craty Bya
  4. 5.9.78
  5. Iraq Says
  6. Hi Scores
  7. Whitewater
  8. Corsair
  9. Golden Hinterland
  10. Iced Cooly Beatnik
  11. Seven Forty Seven
  12. Tears from the Compound Eye
  13. Heard from Telegraph Lines
  14. Visual Drone
  15. One Very Important Thought

Download here

Listen to Heard from Telegraph Lines

I did a post ages ago with a Boards of Canada mash-up also worthy of attention.

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