Skins Season 3 underway

Season 3 of Skins started mid-January and I completely missed it! Caught up really quick (was only behind 4 episodes?). It’s ridiculously trashy yet lovable teenage angst. Completely new cast to seasons 1 & 2 (with the exception of Effie and Pandora) Always wicked music (they played a Boards of Canada track in Episode 5Continue reading “Skins Season 3 underway”

Kidrobot Dunnys: March Release Jaguar Warrior & S5 Favourites

Kidrobot announced its March line-up, amongst them new 8-inch dunny Jaguar Warrior by Jesse Hernandez. When you’re broke, you can’t afford to buy Dunnys in case quantities to find the small handful that you REALLY want. So you should just pinpoint the particular ones you want.