Chemical Brothers x Massive Attack x Pete Tong Mixtape

The Chemical Brothers did a mixtape as an ode for Pete Tong (Essential Mix bro) and it included a never-before released track of their remix of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrops’. The mixtape that the Chemical Brothers prepared for Pete Tong’s 20 year celebration can be found just below; but the full programme along with some liveContinue reading “Chemical Brothers x Massive Attack x Pete Tong Mixtape”

Chemical Brothers > Daft Punk; Escape Velocity track

Not too fond of when work keeps you out of the loop of your essentials, but back on track and The Chemical Brothers have a new song out in the airwaves (JJJ have been playing it pretty regularly) which is a part of their forthcoming album Further. Accompanying each song once the album is releasedContinue reading “Chemical Brothers > Daft Punk; Escape Velocity track”

One mighty-packed mixtape: 60 min/ 50 songs

The mixes are seamless, and we’re seeing a diverse range of artists (Fever Ray to The Jacksons). Love the teasers with some of the songs (familiar cut copy, daft punk and air melodies make an appearance to tickle your musical senses). This is brilliant! Everyone will definitely find something they like in this mix. TheContinue reading “One mighty-packed mixtape: 60 min/ 50 songs”