minimal home audio speakers



Been keeping an eye out for a set of speakers to be paired up with the Gramafon Jukebox I backed a few months ago (and hopefully will arrive in the mail soon!)

I’ve been quite attracted to the idea of wall-mounted speakers (Muji, Braun) so that it uses as little functional space in the house as possible. Anything sitting on a table, TV stand, floor, etc. just feels like it’s taking up space when the sole function of it is to enrich us with its brilliant sound, and not how it looks or where it sits. Almost like it’s meant to be omnipresent, and above everything because in its own way, it’s metaphysical. /wankrant

If all else fails, a sexy minimal and wooden finish is a good compromise too. I’m no designer, but what happened to good aesthetic, functional design these days? What happened to “let’s just take a step back away from the bottomline and create something actually pretty damn amazing and clever?” I want to be wowed.

Casino Versus Japan

Lack of internet access in the past four months meant a bit of a music drought. Then it kinda hit me in the face after picking up “Come along, do” (below) from the Fader mixtape Tycho did. After exploring more of Casino versus Japan’s discography, I was thrilled. It was quite progressive considering when most of the material originally came out (2000s).

Listen via Spotify below: