2021 Sydney Underground Film Festival Notes

With ongoing Sydney lockdowns, the festival was conducted online and on demand. Challenged myself with a 4-Film pass; my shortlist for this year, and their two line reviews:

1. Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at its Lowest & Best

A glimpse into a specific place and point in time of a one-off DIY hedonistic weekend that didn’t see a well deserved encore. Debaucherous, and definitely something you can’t get away with nowadays! ****/5

2. Wonderful Paradise

Two hours of mild non-sequiturs. Absurd, intentionally incoherent and OMG A BOY TURNED INTO A STICK WUT ***/5

3. The World’s Best Film

A film that’s really disguised as the film maker’s diary and canvas to figure himself out and express his gratitude for life. Cute, but left with wanting to dig in a bit more ***/5

4. Alien on Stage

Ambitious, humbling and self-deprecatingly fun; suspend all judgement and it will surprisingly win you over. I am converted – Alien on Stage makes brilliant sense! ****/5

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