2019 Mixtape

2019 saw me take a slight mental and emotional backseat following an extraordinarily challenging 2018. Living and working in Hong Kong, you’re constantly starved for introspection. Without it, there is limited time to properly confront your emotions to heed whether you’re still in the direction you want to go: that the values you hold continue to ring true and how many more compromises can you continue to make before it renders your value system almost worthless to uphold.

Do I need to stop making decisions based on what I feel is better for the greater good and start looking out for myself more? Can I continue doing what I’m doing, knowing that I am taking steps back away from making the world a better place? Why can’t I find a decent chicken schnitzel around here?

This is what is reflected in 2019’s mixtape – an exploration of individual value systems and how willing we are to bend or to defend. This year’s releases have been fantastic and an absolute joy for those in this corner of the music world, and served as the soundtrack as I shut down for the year to figure things out.

We capped off 2019 with a pilgrimage to Wonderfruit in Thailand (absolutely amazing!), so it was fitting to end the mixtape with a track from Rival Consoles (Ryan Lee West) who was my favourite that weekend (maybe second to the legendary Molam Bus stage). The experience was cathartic.


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