2016 Sydney Film Festival Notes

Lucky to catch six films this year! Here we go:

1. Lo & Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Werner Herzog’s take on the impact the internet has had on the world via ten short stories. Great subjects which were mostly explored on the surface. Light entertainment for potentially heavy subject matter  – ***/5

2. Tickled

Unexpectedly tense and riveting exploration into an unusual company behind an online tickling fetish empire. Unbelievably insane and brave – ****/5

3. Under the Sun

A rare inside look into the everyday lives of North Koreans through the guise of a propaganda film shoot. Great for those fascinated by the whole “North Korea” thing. HAIL GREAT LEADER KIM JONG-UN – ***/5

4. Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater’s 80s “Dazed and Confused” follows a college freshman getting up to what college kids get up to as he moves into his baseball fraternity house the weekend before college starts. Fun and surprisingly profound – ****/5


5. The Man From Mo’Wax

Follows Mo’Wax record label boss James Lavelle signing DJ Shadow and the ups and downs of his ambitious UNKLE project. A little self-indulgent but great for those keen for an insight into a chapter of the trip-hop/ progressive hip hop scene.  ***/5


6. Winter At Westbeth

Follows three aging residents of Westbeth Artist Housing in NYC still pursuing their artistic ambitions and dreams. Inspiring and heart-breaking – ***/5