SxSW 2015 Film Notes

Had to be a bit strategic this year with how I fit everything into the schedule; frontloaded the interactive program considering there was some work-related stuff and had to consider a few colleagues who joined me, then catching up on all the films in the second half of the festival once I had some time to myself. By then, it was already challenging trying to start and fit a lot of the films in and had to really let go of a few I really wanted to check out – hopefully they’ll get showings or distribution locally or online.

Deep Web

Sad tale of the arrest of the guy behind the Silk Road – similar in vein to the Internet’s Own Boy, but probably not as noble…


Cute recount of a American-Korean girl finding and connecting with her separated-at-birth twin sister. Nice fluff piece, and great for the younger generation.


Following the nuances and tales of a barge crew – beautifully shot and extremely intimate.

All Things Must Pass (AKA the Tower Records Documentary)

Trailer isn’t available – solid recount of the rise and fall of Tower Records. Can see where Australia’s JB Hi-Fi came from…

For the Record

Stenotyping. That is all.

Rolling Papers

Following the legalisation of marijuana in Colorado, The Denver Post launches the first editor dedicated to the subject matter.

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