I Accidentally Some Gashapon Vending Machines


I had one of those weird motivational/ beast-mode moments a few weeks ago; it kick-started a new weekend project for me.

I woke up and sourced some Gashapon vending machines, the idea which I’ve had in the back of my mind for years but never got around to. I’ve always had an odd relationship with those machines, or any vending machines for that matter. I was fascinated by how disconnected they are from human interactions, provided very simple but basic  services and the sheer mechanics of it. Like a giant toy for grown ups – the car is to the man what a vending machine is to me. It was the catalyst for starting my Pinin project over half a decade ago. They always pop up in my thoughts – a vision of a large fleet of vending machines like an army invading a country.

A quick website was put together: akibaalley.com. I’ve had this domain parked for a while; really liked the name, but never figured out how to use it. Next thing would be to customise them, maybe hook up some unusual products and find good homes for them 🙂


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