Mux Mool Drum EP (2008)

68irret shared this album with me one lazy weekend and it was pretty brilliant! Mux Mool is Brian Lindgren -bro from Minnesota.

Mux is short for ‘multiplexing,’ which is the streaming of many types of information through one channel and Chac-Mool is an ancient Meso-American statue of a reclining man.

1. Half Moon Ganja [audio:|titles=1 Half Moon Ganja]
2. Hypercolor ADD[audio:|titles=2 Hypercolor ADD]
3. Heart Attacker[audio:|titles=3 Heart attacker]
4. The Hundred Dollar Beat [audio:|titles=4 The Hundred Dollar Beat]
5. Jen and Soda [audio:|titles=5 Jen and Soda]
6. Lazy Soul[audio:|titles=6 Lazy Soul]

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