Washed Out Mixtape – The Fantastic Symphony

Washed Out Mixtape – The Fantastic Symphony

Definitely a fantastic symphony as the name suggests, this was released around 2009 which accompanied an interview done by Platform. I think Ernest Greene explains it best in the interview:

The mix is meant to narrate different episodes of one continuous dream. My dreams have a life-like quality to them, but are always skewed in really subtle ways. That is the way I think of most of these songs.

1. Arch M – “Bedrm Band at Caf NVA (edit)”
2. The Samps – “Magnetic Thys”
3. Samiyam – “Wrap Up”
4. Toro Y Moi – “Brubek”
5. Koushik – “Homage”
6. Osborne – “Afrika (Bullion Remix)”
7. Iasos – “Inter-Dimensional Music”
8. Jack Nitzsche – “Untitled (edit)”
9. The Khalsa String Band – “Song of Bliss”


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