Google Android Mini Collectibles Series 2!

A second series has been announced, after a ridiculously popular first series run. This Green Machine has a blog post full of awesome pictures of the first series.

Google Android Collectibles Series 1 - photo by The Green Machine

The second series will feature artists including Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Doktor A and a few from the folk behind the Android team at Google, huzzah! Won’t be out until sometime in the first quarter of 2011 so there is only a teaser banner.

The good news is a standard 3″ vinyl figurine will be available in November in limited quantities. Sexy beast, ain’t it? Looking at between AUD$10-$15 each.

And to top it off, a Do-It-Yourself one will be available for you to customise. Also at 3″ and will be disassemble-able for easier decoration.

Will be stocking these via Klaus und Sven 🙂

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