Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit & Do the Astral Plane

Flying Lotus is Steven Ellison. He’s currently signed with Warp records;  that alone will summarise what you can expect from his stuff.  If you can put a bit of space electro, hip hop and jazz into a blender and turn it into a consumable for your ears, this is what you’ll get as a result. His album was brought to my attention via “Do the Astral Plane” and its unique blend of electro, groove and opera elements. But what really got me hooked was “Zodiac Shit”; it’s lo-fi electro sound reminiscent of old tvs, it’s slow but heavy beat and those darn violin samples which makes this  a beautiful yet unsettling 90 seconds.

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma – 05 – Zodiac Shit
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma – 10 – Do The Astral Plane

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