Best Coast Boyfriend

This song’s getting a few rotations on Triple J and featured on a lot of music blogs. And there’s a good reason for that: it’s mighty catchy and dreampoppy, reminiscent of a less noisy 80s shoegazer thing combined with a drop of the Cardigans. Combine and picture the following words: teenage yearning, lazy summer, weed & cats, drone. I’ve an unfortunate gut feeling this is going to be a one-off buzzband, so it’ really up to the rest of the album and what they plan to do next; but Boyfriend is currently on a bit of a repeat on my winampz.

Best Coast Crazy for You
Front lady Bethany Cosentino said that listeners can expect the following…

“…songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep…”

Best Coast

They can be found here as well:

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