Top 5 necessities if you get stranded

There is nothing worse then when there is absolutely nothing that can be done when disaster strikes, you’re hit with a 10 hour wait and you’re working to a tight budget. Especially when YOUR FLIGHT, WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE LAST ONE FOR THE NIGHT, GETS CANCELLED AND THE ONLY NEXT AVAILABLE ONE IS THE GOD AWFUL 6AM FLIGHT.

View of Melbourne from our room while we were down for the Melbourne Anime Festival
View of Melbourne from our room while we were down for the Melbourne Anime Festival

So I’ve compiled five essential things that you should always have on you which will definitely get you through a very long night. Hopefully, your wait wouldn’t be as bad as you first thought.

1. A mobile work station

Nothing screams ‘lost productivity’ then having to wait. And nothing kills time faster and more painlessly then working. Essentials include a USB wireless broadband modem, a laptop, notepad and pen. Go through your emails, check what’s new in your RSS feeders, write that new business development proposal, tweet about your lame experience or brush up on your website.

2. Your vices

Common ones would include alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (not recommended in airport) and sexual exploitations of the opposite sex. Go to the bar and sit for 15 minutes and do nothing but stare at the ceiling and drink your $6 schooner of Tooheys New. Buy a fresh pack of cigarettes and ensure you have a lighter. If you don’t have a lighter, it would make a great ice-breaker to ask other strandees of the opposite sex for one, and if you are good enough, engage in casual fondling.

3. Photos of loved ones

Nothing gets through long painful waits then reflecting on all the good and bad things you’ve been through with significant people in your life and how it has changed you as a person.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. It’ll change your life.

4. A good music playlist

Don’t be a pretentious ass; you know you wanna whip out your 90s trash and dance around the airport halls (nobody’s watchin’!). Aerosmith, New Radicals, U2, Coldplay, etc. ; all the stuff everyone loves to loathe but secretly listen to all the time.

5. A blankie

The multifunctional piece of fabric only real men use: keeps you warm, keeps you dry, use as a scarf, use as a pillow, use as a bedsheet, use to ward off hobos, build a tent with it, tie animals up with, use as a flag, etc. etc. The uses are bloody endless, and takes up very little room in your luggage for the amount of uses you can get out of it.

6. A good attitude

There’s nothing manly about turning a potentially interesting experience into something to mope about. Laugh about it, shake your head and see what the airport has on offer to last you the night. The bottle shop anyone?

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