When a weekend felt like a year

Although it did not involve midgets or monkeys, last weekend was my idea of a perfect weekend.


  • Transported, unpacked and merchandised two pallets of toys for a show
  • Completed a graduate application in the car on a late Friday night near Oxford St.
  • Met up with my two favourite girls. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. It’ll change your life.
  • Did an all-nighter to complete administrative work for said show
  • Slept in the car and communicated via phone for half the day as my ‘core four’ (i.e. my best sales staff whom I love to bits) took on the relenting crowds
  • Networked with business colleagues on what’s happening the coming months
  • Took my core four out for an interesting dinner to wind down
  • Had asian baked goods at midnight
  • Bought a YAA bag from a group who were emulating our marketing strat two years ago. Good luck!
  • Took in a nice five-figure over the weekend.
  • Seconds away from a complete emotional meltdown, I napped for 2 minutes on a smelly couch.
  • Had dinner with my favourite girls and awesome afro asian guy
  • Unpacked all our gear into our garage with my sister who is always there for me
  • Took some Melbourne friends out for brunch and cigarettes in Newtown
  • Back home and preparing toy purchase orders whilst drinking ginger beer.

I love bittersweet weekends like this.

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