A Snippet of 90s Electro

I had a hankering for old 90s ambient electro. This stuff really does set a standard for music these days. The vocal samples used for The Orb‘s Little Fluffy Clouds is brilliant. The video for Papua New Guinea is just plain hectic. And the juxtaposition of the quieter Aphex Twin sounds and real-live footage of people falling to their deaths and general mayhem is quite… shocking.

If you’re normally not into this genre, this would be a good way to start. If not for the music, then for your curious minds craving something different.

Too many youtube + music posts lately. But it’s probably the only thing worth noting. If there is a time capsule buried somewhere from the 90s, it would be for the extraordinary contemporary music culture it has created. Alternative rock becomes more prolific, popular music groups for the more business-savvy and the increased accessiblility¬† of computers opened a floodgate to creating new electro sounds. It really is another age of experimentation.

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