Wintercoats – Everyone Seems To Be In On Something (Kyson Remix)

This has been getting a lot of plays on my sound-playing devices. Mellow echoes and nice percussions accompany me on my daily trips to the post office.


Wintercoats – Everyone Seems to be in on Something (Kyson Remix)

Source: Xlr8tr

Heathered Pearls Loyal Remixed

Heathered Pearls’ Jakub Alexander has been one of the more interesting musicians I like to follow. He recently did a collaboration with Dirty Beaches lad AlexZhangHungtaibro, is tinkering away on his Moodgadget project and of course his role with Ghostly International. Oh, and his album Loyal was pretty amazing; so it’s pretty sweet that there is a remix album coming out soon!

Hear the albums in full via Spotify here:


Days of Being Mild – One

Dittman & Terri @ Bombay Sapphire House of Imagination

Around a month into my stay in New York, I decided to be somewhat productive and purchased an easy-to-use action video cam to document my various misadventures around town, as well as Europe and beyond. The result was almost 10 hours of footage varying from absolutely unusable to barely usable. One of the most sad things was probably not capturing 80% of the beautiful and trivial moments I wanted to capture, either due to not whipping out the camera quick enough, not having the balls or simply too enamored at the time.

Anyway, this is the first piece of rotten fruit borne from all those hours of annoying camera-pointing. Don’t enjoy it.